Dolly Parton, born Jan. 19th, 1946 in Locust Ridge Tenn. to a poor family of twelve children, who would all grow up as a unit eventually, realized very young how to overcome of difficulties by using her rich and creative imagination. Even before learning to read and compose, she composed her own tunes. When she was 8 and had the first electric guitar. Then she began to sing at a Knoxville Tenn Radio Station. In the same year, she recorded her first recording on Gold Band Records a tiny independent label. Her name was made for herself on the local circuit while in high school but she dreamed of a bigger stage. After graduating high school in 1964, she made the move to Nashville. Her first charting recordings for Monument Records included Dumb Blonde and Something Fishy both in 1967. At about this time Porter Wagoner was looking for the next girl to perform on his syndicated television show. Parton was brought on in the year, signed with RCA Records by 1968, becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. She resigned in 1974. at the end of Wagoner's show due to the success of her individual songs, such as Joshua Coats from Many Colors or Jolene was outstripping their joint releases. Following their break-up, Parton wrote the song I Will Always Love You for Wagoner and it reached Number. The first time it made it to the top spot was in 1974.

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