Annie Lederman

Annie Lederman is an American comedian and podcast host who has gained a significant fan following with the podcast Meanspiration (2019). She's also host of E! programs like Chelsea Lately (2005) and We Have Issues (2015). She has more than 100k subscribers on YouTube more than 300k followers on Instagram over 100k fans on Facebook, and over 100k users on Twitter. Annie earned her highschool diploma at The Crefeld School located in Philadelphia. She attended the Santa Fe University of Art and Design located in New Mexico and graduated with a bachelor's in counseling and arts in the year 2018. Her features are similar to those that of Scarlett Johansson, the actress. Annie as well as her twin brother are on different dates of birth. This is possible since Max, her younger twin brother Max was born a few minutes before midnight on the 19th of July and Annie came into the world at just after midnight on the July 20th. The troubled teenager was addicted to alcohol while growing up. Annie endured a s**t of abuse when she was a student at The Crefeld School. She was compelled to give evidence against her instructor in a court trial. Olivia Munn, the actress is a close personal friend. Annie was able to train to be an junior Olympic swimming as a teen. Annie Lederman had trained as an Junior Olympic swimmer when she was just a teen. But after suffering a serious foot injury due to a drunk driver an accident while going for school, she decided to stop her training. While attending a school alternative for delinquent juveniles She was sexually assaulted by her teacher. Following the incident, Annie Lederman and another female student presented evidence against him at the court. In the following days, she encountered a few students who had been involved with drugs and other criminal activities. Annie Lederman completed high school when she was seventeen years old. Following that, she spent the year after doing volunteer work. The first was in Hawaii teaching dolphins and then in Central America working for nonprofit groups that aid youth who are struggling.

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