Anna Torv and Anna Wintour

Anna Torv, an Australian actress. She is best known for playing Olivia Dunham in the Fox sci-fi series Fringe, Wendy Carr in the Netflix crime thriller Mindhunter series, as well as Tess on Tess in HBO drama The Last of Us. She was the daughter of Hans as well as Susan Torv in Melbourne Australia. They divorced her parents when she was around six. This prompted Anna her mother and the younger brother Dylan to relocate from Melbourne to Mudgeeraba one of the suburbs in the city of Gold Coast Queensland. According to the star she has been separated from her father ever since she was just eight years old. old. When she was growing up, her mother prevented her as well as Dylan from going to the television. Anna Wintour is the full name of Dame Anna Wintour born in London in England on November 3 of 1949. British editor and longtime editor of American Vogue (1988-1999). Anna Wintour, one of the most famous names in fashion as well as journalism, was born in Hampstead in London on 3 November 1949. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Her interest in fashion from the moment she was a child. In her early teens, Wintour began to work at Biba the clothing firm. Anna Wintour was born on November 3, 1949, in London's Hampstead in the home of Charles Wintour and Eleanor Nonie Trego Baker, who had five of their children. Her birthplace was in Hampstead in London on November 3rd, 1949. Her parents were Charles Wintour and Eleanor Nonie Trego Baker. Her mother was a philanthropist. The couple split in 1979. She attended her school, the North London Collegiate School. At the age of 15 her rage against her school's dress code by wearing skirts that were too long. In the teen years, she landed her first job through the assistance of her father who was employed at the famed boutique Biba. The young woman quit school, went on to a Harrods Fashion-related training course. She joined a college to take classes in fashion at the insistence of her parents but dropped out of school. At the age of 15 her hairstyle has always been cut in a bob. She was an avid fan of London's clubs, where most of the pop music's greatest famous stars like and the Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones frequented.

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